How We Grow

We grow consistent with organic principles, following all relevant rules and regulations for organic, sustainable production. We are not yet certified organic growers, but are working towards certification.


Good soil health is essential to growing delicious produce. Each spring we till in a cover crop that was sown at the end of the previous growing season. We supplement the soil’s nutrition with compost we make on-site and adjust the pH as needed. We grow in raised beds utilizing a low-till approach that permits us to maintain better soil structure and better overall soil health.

Propagation And Growing

We use protected culture (greenhouses and hoop houses) for growing specialty crops such as tomatoes and peppers. We also use protected culture to start seeds that will ultimately be transplanted to the fields. As the soil warms, we sow directly into the soil. When needed, we protect vulnerable crops from predation by pests by using a floating row cover that serves as a barrier to keep out  the pests. We utilize a drip irrigation system.

Seed Selection

We love eating! And it all starts with great tasting produce.  Over winter, we visit with our chef customers, attend conferences and do extensive research to identify and locate the best tasting vegetable varieties that will thrive in the rich soil on our farm. Some of our favorite seed sources include Adaptive Seeds, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Johnny’s Selective Seeds, Row 7 Seed Company, Territorial Seed Company and Uprising Seeds.

Harvest And Delivery

For greens and other highly perishable crops, we harvest early in the day followed by immediate washing and packing. We chill overnight and deliver the next day. Most crops are delivered to you within 24 - 48 hours of harvest in reusable, lidded totes.